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2018 Program

Monday, June 11th

9:00-10:30    Joint keynote with BPMDS

Chair: Jens Gulden

Manfred Reichert

Keynote: Data-centric Approaches to Business Process Management  Fundamental Concepts, Tool Support, Open Challenges 

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10:30-11:00  Coffee break 

11:00-12:30  Opening & Organization-related modeling

                     Chair: Iris Reinhartz-Berger 


                     Alexander C. Bock: The Power/Generality Trade-Off in Decision and Problem Modeling: Theoretical Background and Multi-Level Modeling as a Resolution - slides


Sybren De Kinderen and Monika Kaczmarek-Heß: Modeling Organizational Structures in the Realm of Enterprise Modeling: Limitations of the Current Paradigm and Prospects of Multilevel Language Architectures slides


Rico de FeijterSietse Overbeek, Rob van Vliet, Erik Jagroep and Sjaak Brinkkemper: DevOps Competences and Maturity for Software Producing Organizations - slides

13:00-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:30  Design-related modeling

Chair: John Krogstie

Noa Roy-HubaraBracha ShapiraLior Rokach and Peretz Shoval: Evaluation of a Design Method for Graph Database - slides

Nuno Santos, Jaime Pereira, Francisco MoraisJúlio Barros, Nuno Ferreira and Ricardo-J. Machado: An agile modeling oriented process for logical architecture design - slides

Noa Roy-Hubara and Arnon Sturm: Exploring the Design Needs for the New Database Era - slides


15:30-16:00  Coffee break

16:00-17:30  Panel: IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and Intelligent Process Automation – Analyzing their impact through Modelling 

Chair: Geert Poels

Panelists: Paul Grefen, Barbara Pernici, Raimundas Matulevicius, Ethan Hadar


18:15-21:00   Workshops’ reception


Tuesday, June 12th

9:00-10:00     Welcome & Keynote

Chair: Irit Hadar


Walid Maalej

Keynote: Requirements 4.0 - From a Systematic User Participation to Software Adaptivity

More information

10:00-10:30  Information and software quality

Chair: Barbara Weber


Shawn Ogunseye and Jeffrey Parsons: Designing for Information Quality in the Era of Repurposable Crowdsourced User-Generated Content slides


Naomi Unkelos-Shpigel and Irit Hadar: Test First, Code Later: Educating for Test Driven Development slides

10:30-11:00   Coffee break 

11:00-12:30   Data-driven modeling for dynamic environments

                      Chair: Oscar Pastor

Constantina Ioannou, Andrea Burattin and Barbara Weber: Mining Developers' Workflows from IDE Usage slides


Jelena Zdravkovic, Janis Stirna and Jānis Kampars: Using Open Data to Support Organizational Capabilities in Dynamic Business Contexts slides


Jānis Grabis and Jānis Kampars: Capability Management in the Cloud slides

13:00-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:30  Model quality

                     Chair: Irene Vanderfeesten

Joshua De Bock and Jan Claes: The origin and evolution of syntax errors in simple sequence flow models in BPMN slides


Jānis Grabis, Janis Stirna and Lauma Jokste: Validation of Capability Modeling Concepts: A Dialogical Approach slides


Renata Petrevska Nechkoska, Geert Poels and Gjorgji Manceski: Towards improving adaptability of Capability Driven Development methodology in complex environment slides

15:30-16:00  Coffee break

16:00-17:30  Panel: Dynamic business-IT alignment – ​capabilities, processes, or agents? 

Chair: Jelena Zdravkovic

Panelists: Oscar Pastor, Janis Stirna, Barbara Weber, Kuldar Taveter

18:15-21:00  Tallinn old town tour