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We solicit papers on topics included (but are not limited to) the following issues: 

  • Empirical studies of conceptual modelling
  • Evaluation and comparison of modelling languages, techniques and tools
  • Experiences in modelling
  • Quality and metrics of models
  • Evolution of modelling languages and related standards
  • Modelling languages and meta-modelling
    • Enterprise modelling
    • Requirements modelling
    • Analysis and design modelling
    • Development and deployment modelling
  • The process of modelling or modelling languages and tools
  • Use of modelling in agile practices
  • Integration of models
  • Methodologies and tools for modelling
  • Modelling and modelling languages in the context of evolving, new trends
    • Regulation & compliance
    • Business analytics
    • Big data
    • Distributed and cloud environments
    • Internet-of-Things