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Last year program (EMMSAD'2016)

Meta-modeling and Domain Specific Modeling and Model Composition

Towards a Meta-Model for Networked Enterprise
Gabriel Leal, Wided Guédria, Hervé Panetto and Erik Proper

PoN-S: A Systematic Approach for Applying the Physics of Notation (PoN) Theory
Maria Das Graças Da Silva Teixeira, Glaice Kelly Quirino, Frederik Gailly, Ricardo A. Falbo, Giancarlo Guizzardi and Monalessa Perini Barcellos

How Cognitively Effective is a Visual Notation? On the Inherent Diffculty of Operationalizing the Physics of Notations
Dirk van der Linden, Irit Hadar and Anna Zamansky

Enterprise and Software Ecosystem Modelling

Data Accountability in Socio-Technical Systems
Kristian Beckers, Jorg Landthaler, Florian Matthes, Alexander Pretschner and Bernhard Waltl

Analysis of Imprecise Enterprise Models
Hector Florez, Mario Sanchez and Jorge Villalobos

Enterprise Process Modeling in Practice – Experiences from a Case Study in the Healthcare Sector
Snorre Fossland and John Krogstie

Information and Process Model Quality

How Modeling Language Shapes Decisions: Problem-Theoretical Arguments and llustration of an Example Case
Alexander Bock

On Suitability of Standard UML Notation for Relational Database Schema Representation
Drazen Brdjanin, Slavko Maric and Zvjezdan Spasic Pavkovic

Requirements and Regulations

MATRA: A Framework for Assessing Model-based Approaches on the Transformation between Requirements and Architecture
Carlos E. Salgado, Ricardo J. Machado and Rita S. P. Maciel

Modeling and Analysis of Vehicles Platoon safety in Dynamic Environment based on GSPN
Mohamed Garoui

Use case diagrams for mobile and multi-channel information systems: Experimental comparison of colour and icon annotations
Sundar Gopalakrishnan and Guttorm Sindre

Posters session

POSTER 1 – On the Need for More Requirements Towards Visual Notation Design of BPMN Extensions
Dirk van der Linden, Anna Zamansky, and Irit Hadar

POSTER 2 – Towards precise modeling of time constraints for processes with loops
Margareta Ciglic

POSTER 3 – Challenges for Assessing and Designing Business Continuity Processes
José Brás and Sérgio Guerreiro