Tracks & Topics

We solicit papers in the following five tracks:

Track 1: Foundations of modeling & method engineering

Chairs: Mahdi Fahmideh, Jolita Ralyté, Janis Stirna

  • Definition and representation: conceptual modeling, metamodeling, method knowledge infrastructure, and method ontologies

  • Agility in modeling and method engineering

  • Situational method engineering including evaluation of approaches, case studies and experience reports

  • Method adaptation, extension and configuration

  • Maturity and quality of models and methods

  • Evolution and interoperability of models

  • Modeling and method engineering for emerging computing technologies and approaches

  • Ethical foundations of modeling

Track 2: Enterprise, business, process & capability modeling

Chairs: Dominik Bork, Jānis Grabis, Paul Grefen

  • Enterprise modeling approaches, architectures, and platforms

  • Business models and ecosystems

  • Modeling data-driven organizations

  • Business process modeling, architectures, and evolution

  • Reference modeling

  • Capability-driven development

Track 3: Information Systems (IS) & requirements modeling

Chairs: Aneesh Krishna, Roman Lukyanenko, Marcela Ruiz

  • Model-Driven development

  • Requirements modeling for emerging technologies such as Big Data, AI, IoT, 5G, Blockchain, etc.

  • Modeling in agile development

  • Crowd-based and collaborative modeling

  • Social media, user-generated content modeling

  • Quality and Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) of models and modeling

  • Traceability between software artifacts

  • Experience in practice and education

Track 4: Domain-specific & ontology modeling

Chairs: Georg Grossmann, Dimitris Karagiannis, Arnon Sturm

  • Metamodel and model engineering

  • Design of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and supporting tools

  • Multi-level and multi-perspective modeling

  • Ontology and Domain Specific Analogy

  • Applications of/with ontology and Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) (e.g., Industry 4.0, IoT, Blockchain, Etc.)

  • AI and Domain Specific Modeling (DSM)

Track 5: Evaluation of modeling approaches

Chairs: Lubna Alam, Oscar Pastor, Geert Poels

  • Empirical / Experimental evaluation techniques

  • Formal evaluation

  • Evaluation through practice

  • (Re)Design of models or modeling approaches based on evaluation results

  • New methods for model or modeling evaluation

  • Ontological-based evaluation and comparison

  • Evaluation of MDD-based methods and tools

  • Applications in education