Tracks & Topics

We solicit papers in the following five tracks:

Track 1: Foundations of modeling & method engineering

Chairs: Jolita Ralyté, Janis Stirna

  • Definition and representation: conceptual modeling, metamodeling, method knowledge infrastructure, and method ontologies

  • Agility in modeling and method engineering

  • Situational method engineering

  • Adaptation, extension, and configuration of methods and tools

  • Maturity and quality of models and methods

  • Evolution and interoperability of models

  • Modeling and method engineering for emerging computing technologies and approaches

  • Ethical foundations of modeling

  • Teaching and learning of modeling & method engineering

Track 2: Enterprise, business, process & capability modeling

Chairs: Jānis Grabis, Paul Grefen

  • Enterprise modeling approaches, architectures, and platforms

  • Business models and ecosystems

  • Modeling data-driven organizations

  • Business process modeling, architectures, and evolution

  • Reference modeling

  • Capability-driven development

Track 3: Information Systems (IS) & requirements modeling

Chairs: Roman Lukyanenko, Marcela Ruiz

  • Model-Driven development

  • Requirements modeling for emerging technologies

  • Modeling in agile development

  • Crowd-based and collaborative modeling

  • Social media, user-generated content modeling

  • Quality and Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) of models and modeling

  • Traceability between software artifacts

  • Experience in practice and education

Track 4: Domain-specific & knowledge modeling

Chairs: Tiago Prince Sales , Arnon Sturm

  • Metamodel and model engineering

  • Design of Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) and supporting tools

  • Multi-level and multi-perspective modeling

  • Knowledge graphs

  • Ontology and Domain Specific Analogy

  • Applications of/with ontology and Domain Specific Modeling (DSM)

  • Applying AI Algorithms (e.g., Reasoning, ML, Planning) to/with DSL and domain ontologies

Track 5: Evaluation of models & modeling approaches

Chairs: Renata Guizzardi, Qin Ma

  • Empirical / Experimental evaluation techniques

  • Formal evaluation

  • Evaluation through practice

  • Evaluation through model simulation

  • New methods for model or modeling evaluation

  • Ontological-based evaluation and comparison

  • Evaluation of MDD-based methods and tools

  • Applications in education


Chairs: Henderik A. Proper

EMMSAD will also support presentation of case reports on the creation and use of models. Open calls and requirements can be found at the Models at Work website.